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Here you can see my two sheds, the outdoor runs off the barn, and my Buff Brahma roo and hen. There are cages lined up near the sheds coz I was blocking off some of the birds.
This pic is the one I was taking when Violet was attacked by that Leghorn I shot. That's our garage.
It is hard to see, but this is the Cohocton where we fish. In the distance is the train bridge we cross to go down the other side of the stream. It terrifies me to cross that darn bridge!
Taking a rest in the shade at Marineland. Oh, it was so hot that day and I was pooped. You may be able to see Prairie's red cheeks.
Ah yes, the Garden in it's beginning. The foreground is my St Francis statue surrounded by various herbs and flat stepping stones. Then that patch of straw are my baby tomato plants. Beyond those is where my corn is knee-high right now. In this pic tho, I have my chick houses that i move when the chicks have fertilized the ground real good. Those houses aren't in use right now. In the Far back is the corn fields and hedgerows where I hunt.
This is Papa goose in white and Beep-Beep in gray. They are free-ranging the overgrown back lawn.
Below are two pics of my little barn and my peafowl. It's hard to see how pretty the cock is having his train fully displayed. Also, the barn looks very different now. I was working on it during these photos The left of the barn is where I used to keep my goats, but now has five pens along the Western wall. The right side of the barn has the little coop with an enclosed run to the far right. Can you see it?

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