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I am the kind of person that needs to create. 
I use my music and words to create my past.
I use my pencil to create my future and maybe my Now.




I don't recall September rains so cold
Or maple leaves, diseased, unconscious forms.
So near their mother limbs, where each was born,
Collapsed and dying green instead of gold.

When did September dreams begin to hold
The remnant echoes of some distant storm,
And reminisce of childhood visions torn
Asunder, fading green instead of gold?

She came to life on a September night
Not knowing how to breathe, but how to dream
Prophetic scenes of my conquest despite
The plagues of lightning, fire and ice I'd seen

I don't recall September air so tight
Or sunlight, tarnished gold, on leaves frozen green.

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Earth and Sky

  Harsh sunlight
On my eyelids, burning
When together and
Lying on a stone curb
I vaguely dream

Is it beneath me?
Persistently green and damp
Squirming in my fingers
Grasping for roots,
I hoped.

Abandoned blue expanse
Severely wide and milky,
Slipping through my fingers.
My eyes burst red
Shot up with fatigue

Field of grass and logs
Dry and hot, rustling
Burning yellow and pale.
The ashes blow over my feet
Shunning my walk.

Dark night when
Alone and far
Above the barren street,
I still listen.
Blackened steel clutched in my fingers.


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All artwork is by Lisa Marie

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