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So alive and full, I remember you.
Vibrant, precariously all my own,
Suddenly gentle when we were alone.
Always knowing we could never be true,
Meeting by the River, dark water blue,
Winking with lights, city din a low moan
In our ears, close to the sand being blown
Over our legs, caressing each sinew.
Sun bursts with a love evermore denied,
Sending the keening that kept us apart.
A soft, woman's voice came with morningtide,
Bringing truth, creating your newborn start
Weak against feelings that have never died,
Long was the night my love entwined your heart.




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Listening eyes waiting for a vision
Almond eyes waiting for indecision
I've been on this journey too many years
Waiting for a healing with aching tears

Heal my twisted mind and splitting spirit
Looking for the piece that will mend
On this journey which will never end
And it seems to never end


Are you the one I'm looking for?
Fill my heart with anxious desire
Are you the one thing I'm searching for?
Come smoke and dance around my fire

(And this journey will never end
And I will never mend)

Seeking ears grasping for a melody
Simple sounds stumble in front of me
But there is no song to heal, but rend
With withering silence which will never end

And probably never, ever will


You're not the one that belongs to me
And there is no sacred fire to burn
You're not the hope that I've been needing
So put out my fire and all that I have seen
Forget my fire and all that I could've been

And this journey will never end
And I will never mend
Forget my fire and all I know
And I know this journey will never end

All I know
It will never end
I know

I know





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